Cash Pay Fee

Cash Service and Treatment Options:

NOTE: Prices do not include medical grade products recommended as part of your treatment plan

Detailed Podiatric Evaluation

  • New Patient Evaluation:$150.00
  • Follow-Up Evaluation: $90.00
  • Established Patient Evaluation (new problem): $125.00

Pulse Wave Therapy Package:

$500 for 4 weekly treatments based on condition

Office Procedures

Ingrown Nail Surgery Evaluation and Treatment (to include post-op care kit and follow-up visit within 14 days of procedure):

  • Nail Avulsion: $350.00
  • Permanent Procedure: $395.00
  • Palliative Care (debridement of toenails and calluses as needed): $95.00
  • Wart Initial Evaluation and Chemical Treatment: $245.00
  • Follow-Up Chemical Treatment: $95.00
  • Swift Microwave Therapy: $250 per treatment
  • Steroid Injection: $75
  • Digital X-Ray Imaging: $50.00 (up to 3 foot and ankle views)

Foot Orthotic Services

  • Medical Grade Orthotics: $65.00/pair
  • Scanning and Fabrication of Custom Orthotics: $500.00/pair ($750 when 2 pairs are ordered together)
  • Second Pair of Custom Orthotics (within 3 months of initial order): $400

Fracture/Sprain Packages

NOTE: Treatment packages include initial evaluation, X-ray imaging, and walking boot, brace or splint as deemed necessary by the physician.

  • Fracture (Evaluation/X-ray/Offloading device): $325.00
  • Ankle Sprain (Evaluation/X-ray/Supportive device): $250.00
  • Follow-up fracture and sprain care to include Office Visit, Exam, and X-ray Imaging as necessary: $125.00

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